Selecting a Management Company

Choosing an association management company to manage your association

After a number of years, it seems community association companies’ burn out or neglect their long term clients. If you are starting your search for a new team to handle the affairs of your association, please read this then give us a call or send us an email. Contact Us

Decisions Made Simple – these are our attributes and why Boards choose ‘Association Management Services. LLC’:

  • We do more than what the client expects.
  • Personal and dedicated services -- we have accounting, maintenance and administrative departments, but one property manager is assigned to you to handle or coordinate your needs. Of course you can talk to the departments, but if you need help, let your CAM know.
  • Responding timely and accurately to your and the needs of your association – clearly the needs of your association and not ours is what drives our work effort on a daily basis.
  • Redundant accounting and money handling procedures to protect your assets.
  • Reserve accounting – in concert with a skilled appraiser our reserve accounting technique is easy to understand and vividly describes the cash flow necessary to fund future expenditures as structures depreciate.
  • Our pricing is “all-inclusive” – the agreement between you and us speaks for itself, except in the case of legal depositions/litigation. Most companies have pages of up charges that inflate their revenue and your costs.
  • A comprehensive and thorough knowledge of State Statute governing associations and how your documents fit with those statutes.
  • Experienced managers – we currently manage a 162 unit, 23 story condominium with 5 full time employees; and to one as small as 9 units. Association Management Services is nimble and has a proven track record of managing associations of varying sizes and complexity.
  • We are locally owned and operated. Each owner of Association Management Services wants our company to grow by our reputation of excellence in management and customer satisfaction.
  • It would be our pleasure to discuss your association and to describe how our company can handle your needs and help you to accomplish your goals – please Contact Us

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